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One of our newest team members, Chris Browning, comes to us from the military community.  He recently retired from the Navy

Chris Browning is a native of Tennessee.  He was born in Nashville and moved just outside of the city to a small middle Tennessee town.  The small town culture is where he first saw the importance of a tight knit community. After graduating high school, he went on to college for several years before enlisting in the Navy in 1990.  His need for a strong community lead him to choosing Naval Special Warfare for his career path.

He went on to serve for 25 years.  He was first stationed in San Diego, then transitioned to the East coast where he finished out his career.  He is a decorated combat veteran who served in Afghanistan, Iraq and many other crisis locations around the world.  Naval Special Warfare taught him how to thrive in the face of adversity, forging a deep commitment to succeed at the mission.  Throughout his career he formulated complex strategic operations in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

After retiring from the military, his search for a second career lead him to Opus Wealth Strategies.  Danijel Velicki was already well known within the special warfare community. Danijel’s commitment to supporting the military is what initially drew Chris to the team.  At Opus, Chris found the same sense of teamwork and community. The same sense of mission and vision. A focused and driven team designed to provide strategic vision to its clients.  For Chris, it was an easy transition, taking his operational skills and strategic thinking and applying it in a completely different arena. An arena that will allow him to give back to his community by helping individuals develop and achieve their financial strategic vision.


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