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A Virginia native who grew up right here Chesapeake, James was taught fiscal responsibility and financial management very early on as he watched his family navigate significant success in real estate and development. His initial personal passions and interests lay with the outdoors, leading him to pursue a degree in Forest and Wildlife Management immediately following high school. Upon entering the workforce, he quickly discovered that most people he encountered did not share the crucial financial knowledge that his family so diligently delivered during his youth. His commitment to helping others inspired him to return to school to earn an additional degree in Finance, with a minor in Economics, at Old Dominion University.

As he continued to discover that failure to set, achieve and exceed financial goals did not correlate to lack of desire or effort, but rather a simple lack of fundamental knowledge, he also realized that income brackets rarely determined financial stability. The key to unlocking financial success and ongoing stability lays more with ongoing education and confident, informed decision-making as it relates to what you currently have and what you’d like to have in the future. Simply making more money doesn’t immediately resolve or improve your ability to achieve and sustain financial stability. It’s about making good choices and understanding the implications of those decisions along the way. He is passionately committed to educating and equipping individuals and families to effectively manage their finances, at every stage of life and across every income bracket, so that they are better able to set and achieve their goals, protect the security of themselves and their loved ones, and move forward confidently and purposefully.

Interning at Opus Wealth Strategies, LLC further solidified his interest and commitment to financial education. Danijel brings incredible value to his clients, both personally and professionally, and his processes and unique influence on their lives have given James a clear road map to helping others. He is excited to join a team that believes in building relationships, providing a service-over-sales approach that always acts in the best interest of our clients, their families and their well-being.

When he’s not in the office contributing to the team’s growth and success, you can find him on the water, fishing, surfing and pretty much doing anything that involves being outdoors.


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