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The newest addition to the OWS team, Trevor Maxwell is a recently retired Navy EOD Senior Chief with over twenty years of service to our country, including multiple deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan with decorations for valor in combat.

His passion lays with continuing to mentor and contribute to the welfare of service members and fellow Veterans, inspiring him to join the team at Opus Wealth Strategies, LLC. He especially loves working with service members who are currently transitioning out of the military, making sure they have the support and access to the resources and information that will equip and empower their success in this new season of life.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Saint Leo University, and is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Old Dominion University.

He believes that financial literacy is one of the most important aspects of daily living, but continues to be an area of our lives where we hold the least amount of confidence and trusted information to effectively navigate and achieve our goals for ourselves and our families. Personal finance is a cornerstone of our success, a pillar of readiness, yet access to relatable and actionable education remains lacking. He’s committed to providing new avenues for individuals and families to access the learning they need to thrive financially, both today and tomorrow. The decision to retire from the Navy was not one taken lightly, and it was important for him to take up a new line of work where he could continue to make an impact in the lives of those still serving, along with his fellow Veterans.

His favorite part of working for Opus Wealth Strategies, LLC is that moment when the light bulb goes on in someone’s head and you can see them finally starting to piece together the fundamental concepts that will drive confident decision-making. He loves the OWS commitment to service over sales and looks forward to building and maintaining strong relationships with the individuals and families he serves as a member of this team.

When he’s not in the office or pounding the pavement to meet new people, you can find Trevor in Suffolk with his family, spending as much time as possible outdoors, be it hiking swimming or fishing. He’s also a proud member of the ODU MBA Association and the Tidewater Chapter of the Navy EOD Association, and volunteers frequently to further contribute his support and ideas to programs and initiatives designed to better serve our Nation’s military retired men and women.


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