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Opus Wealth Strategies, LLC is an independent financial and insurance services firm serving businesses, families and individuals nationwide. Our team is committed to helping our clients confidently achieve their financial goals, establishing clarity and purpose with the objectives most important to them.

Cultivating long-term relationships that value service over sales is the keystone to our commitment to providing personalized solutions and support; delivering thoughtful insights that listen to what you need and apply effective strategies that help achieve your financial goals throughout every season of life.



Your priorities and objectives evolve throughout every season of life. We seek to effectively balance your personal and professional goals by helping you protect your success and thoughtfully caring for your family, your community and yourself.


We apply a strategic, uniquely tailored approach to help achieve your financial goals. We focus on education, open communication and transparency, equipping you with the fundamental financial concepts that will drive confident decision-making.


As we move together through our collaborative education process, we will help you gain the peace of mind that you deserve so that you are empowered on your path to success, focusing on the objectives and people most important to you.

* Non compensated client testimonial; may not be representative of all client experiences; no guarantee of future performance or success.

Start building your financial future today.

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